VANORML Letter Writing Party

Today Shirts With A Purpose is hosting a Letter Writing Party with VANORML. Local members from the Jefferson Area chapter will be coming over to collaborate the messages we would like to address with our legislators. One of the hardest parts of the movement is to get others to share their voice. We have been brainstorming how to make it more easy and accessible to communicate this message without having to make much of an effort. Lets just admit it, not everyone who believes in cannabis prohibition will take the time to sit down and write a letter. Twitter has been a hot topic. It is an easy medium to send a simple statement or tweet. We have also discussed a text message that would print out at their fax machine. Both of these would only take a minute if not seconds, an ideal amount of time for what the average person can spare. We need something simple that cannot be ignored by our politicians. The issue can no longer be dismissed. We will see what ideas transpire this afternoon…
Stay tuned!

-Jes Vegas @JesVegas

On A Mission to End Cannabis Prohibition